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The iSphere Platform

Leverage our proprietary tool iSphere to develop ESG-based investments based on your criteria.


Artificial Intelligence

  • Sustainable High-Performance investing
  • State-of-the-art algorithms from different domains of machine learning
  • As simple as possible, as complex as necessary

Be in control

  • Improve the ESG score of your existing portfolios or design your own ESG portfolios from scratch.
  • Choose the ESG (Environment/Social/Governance) parameters within hundreds of fields or upload your own ESG environment.
  • Filter according to your own criteria.
  • Using FinSphere methodologies, build portfolios that will stand the test of time.

Proprietary methods

  • Low Volatility: A proprietary algorithm providing a multi-year track record that captures the up moves of the market without losing as much during down moves.
  • High Volatility: Ideal for structured products like Autocalls or to bet on a rising market.
  • Sector: Proprietary Sector Rotation model.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Let the machine find the most bullish sectors and invest on them.

How does it work?

Let us guide you through the few simple steps necessary to use the iSphere platform. Use our own predefined ESG screeners or build your own! We offer each of our validated members a personalized support in order to set up the tailor-made solution that best suits their needs.

Improve the ESG Score of Your Portfolio

Three simple steps get you started:

  1. Upload your portfolio
  2. Experiment with the parameters
  3. Run the optimizer and view the results.


Old versus New Portfolio Example

Improve the ESG score of your current portfolio. Keep changes to a minimum. Our ESG report clearly outlines the areas of improvement.

Importance per feature

Our artificial intelligence algorithm strives to find the most relevant criteria for optimizing the ESG score of your portfolio.

Sectors Comparison

Compare your original portfolio with your new bespoke portfolio. Our algorithm divides the stocks into 10 economic sectors. When a change of sector is seen as the optimal solution, our algorithm looks for maximum likelihood with another stock with similar weighted characteristics.

Result Analysis

Compare your newly created index with the benchmark. Includes daily returns and maximum drawdowns.

Portfolio Analysis

Display strategy per sector over time.

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